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The Complete Voutia System™

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Voutia™ is a new oral hydration system that delivers continuous, on-demand, non-pharmaceutical relief to those suffering from chronic dry mouth. Voutia™ provides relief via a simple hands-free system that uses a quiet micro-pump and ultra-fine tubing to deliver a slow, controlled flow of fluid directly into the user’s mouth. FDA-cleared and beta tested for over four years, this discrete system allows you to enjoy your day to day activities without discomfort!

The Complete Voutia System

We Are Currently Out of Inventory!

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This is an absolute life changer for my patients during and post cancer treatment. This will be the standard of care in the near future!
Kurt Haselman
Doctor of Dental Surgery
“Radiation and chemo treatments in early 2004 cured my head and neck cancer, but left me with more than a few physical side effects, none as bad as dry mouth. I can truthfully say that since I started using my Voutia device dry mouth has been relegated to something I don’t really think about too much...”
Mike Greco
Cancer Survivor
There is nothing on the market like Voutia. I am a dental hygienist and a Sjogren’s sufferer and Voutia has been a game changer for me... I would absolutely recommend anyone suffering from dry mouth give Voutia a try...!
Brooke Crouch
Registered Dental Hygienist

Included with the complete system:

The Pump
The Pump
Three Earpieces for the Voutia System
Three Earpieces: Two Daytime & One Nighttime
Large Bottle for the Voutia System
Large Reservoir
Small Bottle for the Voutia System
Small Reservoir
Collapsible Flask for the Voutia System
Neoprene Collapsible Reservoir
Priming Syringes for the Voutia System
Priming Syringe (2 pack)
Power Adapter for charging the Voutia System
Power Supply & Charger